No guarantor required

Apply loan without troubling others. Fast and easy.

No meetup required

All aplication can done through online app with few clicks.

Low interest & long tenure

Lowest rate and tenure to 48 months

Easy to Apply

Apply through your smartphone instead of bank.

Quick Approve

We would verify our application within 24 hours

Refinance provided

We offer refinance service that capable to help you solve urgent financial problem


Malaysia Best Loan is licensed loan provider company in Malaysia. We offer lowest interest and longest payment terms for our client.









Malaysia Best Loan

Anytime, Anywhere.

Largest money lender company in Malaysia

1. Register as member with your phone number, a verification code would be sent to your mobile device.

2. Activate your account with verification code that sent to your mobile device.

3. Submit your basic infomation and supportive documents, our operator team would verification your documents with shortest period.

4. Apply loan by select loan amount and payment duration. Your application would be review within 24 hours.

5. We would send you offer confirmation once loan application been approved. We would be released loan to your bank account after loan offer been accepted.

6. Our system would send you notification reminder whenever your installment date is due.


Easy to Manage Your All Databy This App

Users can check all the loan status throughout the app, including: Account, Outstanding Balance, Paid Date, Installment, Paid History, Interest, Duration and etc. Besides, users can shared all the data to another device through out few channel.

Malaysia Best Loan

The largest licensed money lender in Malaysia

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